Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Discovering 2014: Plastic Bag Dispenser

Today's project was a Plastic Bag Dispenser, though it would be more accurately titled "Self-Dispensing Plastic Bags." I used the bag rolling technique shown on the Tater Tots and Jello blog. Unlike their blog post, I didn't have a container available to put them in, but considering how well the rolling technique worked I'll be saving one to toss the bags into in the future!

It's pretty simple: lay the bags flat, fold in half length-wise, first one with the handle sticking out. You then roll the bags one-by-one in a line, with their overlapped handles on the end of the previous bag. The Tater Tots and Jello post shows each step in detail.

My bags weren't rolled as neatly, but that will take some practice and patience.

My husband was very dubious that it would work, so I pulled a bag out and...

There's bag number two, waiting to be dispensed!

Tomorrow's project is a Bottlecap Hair Bow!

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