Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Madness: Cloudy Skies Memory Wire Bracelet

Every craft show I seem to be lamenting the fact that my bracelet selection has dwindled, and between offering earrings, necklaces and hair bows as well something ends up slipping through the cracks.

Yesterday I had a thought: why not just try to make one a day over the next month, then you'll have 31 new bracelets to display! So here I am on March 1st, celebrating March Madness--crafter style. :)

I usually make memory wire bracelets; it was something I started back when all my kids were little ones who liked to pull on jewelry. There are a few more embroidery floss bracelets I want to try out from the book I picked up, but overall I'll likely just be using memory wire.

Today's bracelet I call "Cloudy Skies". It is a double-wrap featuring chunky grey swirl lampwork beads with white and grey pearls (similar) on silver memory wire.

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