Saturday, January 11, 2014

Discovering 2014: Decorative Mason Jar Lights

Discovering 2014 is a personal goal to complete a daily project throughout the year!

My day eleven project was Decorative Mason Jar Lights. The idea came from this pin by the Mod Podge Rocks Blog. Supplies are fairly simple: an empty jar (I used upcycled jars from spaghetti sauce and pickles), tissue paper, Mod Podge (or other craft glue), a paint brush, and some flameless lights. Chances are, you have a lot, if not all, of these supplies somewhere in your home already!

Size the tissue paper to the jar, leaving a bit of extra on the top and bottom to wrap over and under.

Apply a thin coat Mod Podge to the jar, working the tissue paper onto the jar as you work your way around. Try to keep it smoothed out, but remember that tissue paper tears very easily so once it's glued, it's glued!

Don't use too much Mod Podge either, or this happens (same goes for sticky fingers).

Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on the inside lip and tuck the excess over.

Now tuck the excess underneath the bottom and leave the jar sitting upside down to dry.

After I did the first jar I had a gee-whiz moment.. why was I gluing the entire jar? So the last three I applied glue only at the beginning and end of the paper wrap. Both looked equally attractive once dry, I think.

Once the tissue paper is all dry, you just add a light and you're done! I had a pack of LED candles I got on clearance at K-Mart that work great for this. Since my jars are deep I decided to attach a length of embroidery floss to the lights so I can lift them in and out easier.

If you're interested in the difference, the green jar on the far right is the one that had glue applied to the entire jar, whereas the other three did not. It's most obvious around the neck, where the latter are looser.

These jars would look great inside or out and could also make fun gifts.

Come back tomorrow for the Incense Cone project!

... oh yes, and if you have a cat, expect them to help out with selecting the tissue paper!

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